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Our goal is to connect talented engineering students and alumni with employing organizations. We work directly with recruiters and corporate contacts assist in their hiring and outreach efforts. In addition, we have an educational mission to serve our students and alumni.

Contact ECS:

Main Line: 608-262-3471
ECS Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

John Archambault
Director, Engineering Career Services & Assistant Dean for Student Development (preferred)


Cooperative Education and Internship Program

Students gain invaluable “real world” engineering experiences working with a variety of industries and governmental agencies throughout the world during our dynamic co-op/summer intern program. Employers have the opportunity to hire outstanding students early in their engineering education and to participate in the education process while pre-screening potential full-time hires.

Cooperative Education and Summer Internship Program FAQ (pdf opens in new window/tab)

Post a co-op or intern position

  • There is no charge to utilize the myECS system to post your role.  You may post multiple positions.
  • Listings remain active for one month, or until you report the position filled.

Full-time (Post-graduation)

Recruiting for full-time candidates who are graduating with BS, MS, and PhD degrees in over ten degree areas.

ECS provides access to these candidates through on-campus interviews, on-line resumes, two annual career fairs, and our job posting system, myECS.

Our staff can assist you with satisfying your professional hiring needs.

Post a full-time entry or experience professional position

  • There is no charge to utilize the myECS system to post your role.  You may post multiple positions.
  • Listings remain active for one month, or until you report the position filled.
  • For experienced alumni with 5 or more years of experience, consider posting your position through the University of Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association’s BadgerBridge Program.

The myECS system is a “home-grown” recruiting system is tailored to the needs of employers recruiting Engineering and related STEM majors. The system delivers interactive recruitment resources for employers, including searchable online resume books and the ability to post jobs, request on-campus interviews,  register for career fairs, and other events.

Login to your myECS account (or request an account below) to post your positions. Posting a job is free.

myECS Employer Account Request

Multiple individual logins are available for each organization. Account logins are individual specific and CAN NOT be shared.
  • Employer website
  • Please include area code
  • Please include street address, city, ST/country and zip code
  • Must be specific to the representative requesting access to myECS system and must be employer based (ex. no @gmail, @yahoo etc. will be accepted)
  • Are you an alum of the UW-Madison College of Engineering

General Career Fair Information

Recruiting Pool: co-op, summer intern, graduating professional and experienced alumni — open only to UW-Madison students and alumni
Majors: All engineering disciplines, computer sciences, physics & other STEM
Main Location: Gordon Dining & Event Center (770 W. Dayton St.)
Multiple Dates: Facilities fit 100 employers, so we have multiple days to accommodate all. Pick ONE date to attend.
Fair Time: NEW SPRING HOURS – 1 pm – 7 pm
Fee: Typically, $995-795 for a table with 3 representatives. Additional reps $100 ea. Must be paid prior or a $100 late fee is incurred. On-line payment is encouraged.
Fuel: Housing meal dollars provided for use at Gordon Dining and Event Center.
Table: Six foot table.
Interviews: Limited space is available the day after fair. Expo style interview space will be available – no private rooms. Email John Archambault to reserve interview tables.

ECS Sponsored Career Fairs

Fall Engineering Career Connection
September 14 (Th), 18 (M), 20 (W), 2017

Location: 2nd Floor – Gordon Dining and Event Center
Event Details: TBD
Registration: Available July 1, 2017 in myECS

How to Register:

Log in to your myECS account and go to VISITS on the main menu
Click on CAREER FAIR VISIT option.

Cancellation deadline: September 1, 2016. No refund after this date.

Information on: Hotels, Parking, Shipping, etc.

While visiting campus, consider participating in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department annual golf outing on Sept. XX at Pleasant View Golf Course, Middleton.

NOTE: The Business, Ag. & Life Sciences, and L&S career offices will host a fair in September (specific date TBD) at the Kohl Center. More info.

ECS Co-sponsored Career Fairs

UW STEM Job Fair
Late March 2018, 1:00 – 4:00 PM, ECB Lobby

A joint job fair offered by Engineering, Letters & Science, and Ag & Life Sciences. Event is coordinated by L&S Career Services.

On-campus interviews

On-campus interview schedules at the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering are comprised of two types of candidates, those that are given priority (pre-select) and qualified (open) candidates.

There are three types of interview schedules:

  1. Invitation Only
    Invitation only schedules allow you to select one set of priority candidates and one set of alternate candidates. Only these two sets of students will be able to sign up for your schedule. The first set of candidates receive 24 hours to sign on your schedule. Remaining slots after that period can be claimed by any of the priority candidates or alternate candidates.
  2. Combination (Invite & Qualified)
    You select one set of priority candidates and then offer remaining unused interview times for qualified candidates. Although you give priority sign-up to those students who are invited, we cannot guarantee that all of your invited students will sign on your interview schedule. If there are open slots after the initial sign-up day, other students meeting your qualifications of major, degree level, graduation date and citizenship will be allowed to sign up on your schedule.
  3. Space Only
    Employer handles scheduling students directly; no sign up in myECS. Expo style space available to you from 8:30 AM – 4:45 PM for this type of interview schedule.

On-campus recruiting is always available to you, but is most productive in fall (October and November) and early spring (February and March).


Review our most recent salary and placement information for our Bachelor’s degree recipients as well as National Statistics for Engineering graduates at the BS, MS and PhD level.

Undergraduate Salary Information

BS Entry-Level Salaries (2015-2016)

Information as reported voluntarily to Engineering Career Services by graduating students

Major Average Median Range
Biomedical Engineering $60,818 $62,750 $30,000-72,000
Chemical Engineering $66,820 $66,000 $52,000-105,000
Civil Engineering $56,547 $57,000 $30,000-72,000
Computer Engineering $78,219 $78,250 $48,000-110,000
Electrical Engineering $64,962 $65,400 $55,000-80,000
Engr. Mechanics & Astronautics $65,885 $66,000 $54,080-80,000
Engr. Physics NA NA NA
Geological Engineering $56,480 $53,000 $45,000-86,000
Industrial Engineering $63,782 $65,000 $40,000-80,000
Materials Science & Engr. $51,677 $57,500 $29,000-66,000
Mechanical Engineering $64,899 $65,000 $40,000-95,000
Nuclear Engineering $70,000 $72,000 $63,000-75,000
OVERALL $64,220 $65,000 $29,000-110,000

National Data:

Reprinted from the Fall 2016 NACE Salary Survey – beginning offers, with the permission of the National Association of Colleges and Employers, copyright holder.

Major Mean Salary
Aerospace Engineering $61,180
Biomedical/Medical Engineering $59,057
Chemical Engineering $68,393
Civil Engineering $55,635
Computer Engineering $69,480
Electrical Electronics and Comm. Engineering $73,078
Engineering Physics $65,500
Industrial Engineering $61,400
Materials Engineering $65,516
Mechanical Engineering $64,890
Nuclear Engineering $61,695

College of Engineering Placement Statistics & Salary Information:

2015-2016 BS Graduates

2014-2015 BS Graduates

2013-2014 BS Graduates

2012-2013 BS Graduates

2011-2012 BS Graduates

myECS Employer User Agreement

Each user of the employer interface of the myECS system must agree to the following:

I understand and agree that password access to the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering resume profiles is granted to me for the sole purpose of recruiting cooperative education, summer intern, and professional engineering candidates to be hired directly by my organization. I also understand and agree that transfer of these resume profiles or candidate information to other firms or organizations is strictly prohibited.

I understand that my username and password are FOR MY USE ONLY, and CANNOT be SHARED with COLLEAGUES. Sharing login information with others is a violation of Engineering Career Services policies and may be a violation of candidates’ Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protections. Sharing will result in immediate revocation of access.

Campus Policies

UW-Madison Recruiting Policy

Additional UW-Madison Policies

Other Policies

NACE Faculty Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Hiring

NACE Principles for Professional Practice

NACE Position Statement on Internships

NACE First Destination Survey Standards and Protocols