Drop-in Virtual Career Advising


Resume Reviews:

ECS staff will continue offering resume reviews via email during the spring 2021 term.

Please note that between January 30 and Feb 9 this service is suspended due to career fair and related programming.

Please send your resume to; staff will review and email you back within 2-3 business day.

Drop-in Virtual Career Advising Hours:

  • Drop-in hours for ECS staff are listed in Starfish.
  • Quick questions can be submitted at where an advisor will respond to you directly


Engineering Career Services

Mission: To be an innovative, comprehensive career development resource for the College of Engineering.

Vision: To provide lifetime tools for successful career development in a rapidly changing world.

Guiding Principles:
We will serve as a knowledgeable, professional, impartial liaison between our students and employers as we respond to their needs.
We will be a responsive, motivated and dependable resource, using every interaction as an opportunity to educate students in professionalism, diversity, ethics, job search skills, and     career development principles.
We will encourage employers to consider the career development of each student, to interact with students and staff in an ethical manner and to abide by professional recruiting practices.
We will create an active environment of trust, commitment, teamwork, creativity, and respect.
We will continue to strive towards personal improvement and professional development as individuals and as a team.