Academic Credit and Reporting

Congratulations on your accepted internship or co-op offer. Below are the steps you will need to follow to report your offer.

Step #1: Report your offer in Handshake 

  • Login to Handshake via your MyUW
  • Click on “Career Center” in the top navigation and select “Experiences” from the pick-list.
  • Click on “Request an Experience”

Choose the Experience Type that works best for you specific offer. Options include:


    • 2020 – Spring ONLY Co-op (Undergrad)
    • 2020 – Spring to Summer CO-OP (Undergrad)
    • 2020 – Summer to Fall CO-OP (Undergrad)
    • 2020 – Fall ONLY Co-op (Undergrad)


    • 2020 – Summer  Internship NO CREDIT (Undergrad)
    • 2020 – Summer Internship CREDIT (Undergrad)
      • NOTE: The option to pursue academic credit for a Summer 2020 internship or co-op term ends on June 01, 2020

After selecting the correct Experience Type, follow the prompts to submit the required information

Reminder: Academic credit is a requirement for all Fall or Spring term co-ops. Summer credit is also required for all F-1 visa students.
If you are seeking academic credit, please continue to Steps #2-3.

Step #2: Offer Letter

After you have clicked “submit” for your Experience Report, you will see your overview page

Click on “New Attachment” to upload your offer letter (blue button on left)









Drop off your offer letter in the ECS office (1150 Engineering Hall)

Step #3: Course Orientation

Attend an Internship/Co-op Course Orientation for

  • 2020 Spring co-op — contact Stephanie immediately
  • 2020 Spring/Summer co-op — contact Stephanie immediately
  • 2020 Summer INTERNSHIP
  • 2020 Summer/Fall CO-OP
  • 2020 Fall CO-OP


Orientation Options – Spring 2020 (pre-registration is not required)

Mon 3/23        Rm 1610, E Hall       4:00 PM

Fri 3/27            Rm 1610, E Hall       noon

Tues 3/31         Rm 1610, E Hall       5:30 PM

Thurs 4/9         Rm 175, Bldg 1410     10:00 AM

Mon 4/20         Rm 175, Bldg 1410     9:00 AM

Tues 4/21         Rm 175, Bldg 1410     4:30 PM

Wed 4/23         Rm 175, Bldg 1410     5:00 PM

Fri 5/1               Rm 175, Bldg 1410     9:00 AM


Lastly…F-1 Visa Students: Please review the CPT process outlined on the ISS website

After steps 1-3 are completed, ECS staff will be in touch with you regarding internship/co-op course authorization & enrollment. If you have questions in the interim, please email Stephanie Salazar Kann at